Monday, October 31, 2016

Autism Soccer: A great initiative

Autism Soccer is an initiative that strives to build up a great relationship between kids with sports. 
When people are passionate and love what they do, it shows in their work, as well as it does when they focus on making people grow integrally. That’s what you see when you meet the people working at Autism Soccer. This initiative started as a way to make sports a part of people’s life as a bond to form and create an everlasting love for exercising. As a result, four years ago these people decided to start something with the  potential to change the lives of children with special needs and their families forever through sports. And when you want to make a unique organization which helps improve the lives of others, you have to make sure the results you generate are also impactful  in the lives of those who work on the project.

The work is rewardful for the ones working in this organization, and without a doubt, it connects them with these children in more aspects than just the field. It creates bonds with communities and it works as a bridge between different organizations with the same goal: to improve the lives of those children and those who participate in the different activities. However, it’s not just the  potential communication that drives them to their activities every day, but the personal growth for both parts. The insight that working with these kids provides is incredible, and every member of the team goes home with a new experience, while the kids go home with a new skills.

As you probably know by now, every sport has the potential to create connections among peers. This is especially important for children with special needs, not only for their physical health, but also to improve their motor and social skills, as it boosts their self-esteem within a safe environment where they are free from pressure and harassment. This offers them the opportunity to experiment things in a comfortable and safe way which they normally wouldn't in a regular situation. At the same time, this provides the children with the opportunity to experience the qualities that characterize teams, such as companionship, cognitive benefits, and lower stress levels.  

When great ideas get together with motivated people, great initiatives are born. That’s what happened with Autism Soccer. This is an organization that thrives from the need to form bonds with sports for kids with special needs, andthe ones within the autism spectrum. If you want to work or collaborate with them, it’s time for you to contact them through their social media or website to become part an incredible organization that looks forward to creating an amazing place for these special kids to develop while enjoying practicing sports!
People who work with Autism Soccer always do their best to teach and make kids have fun. 

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